Useless Grant – Ten Songs for the Machine Age

TMAC7 | 24 May 2015


Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ananth Batni. February and March 2015 at Pretty Good Studios, Takoma Park, NW DC.

Artwork by Jasper Saah and Dio Cramer, adapted from Olle Eksell’s cover of the 1959 Swedish language edition of George Orwell’s “1984”.

Produced by Ananth Batni.

Released and distributed by Uno Mas Recordings, 2015


released May 24, 2015

Useless Grant is:

Conor James – Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Jasper Saah – Bass, Accordion, Guitar
Isaiah Silvers – Trombone, Vocals
Molly Beckett – Mandolin, Vocals
Kalanzi Kajubi – Piano, Percussion, Vocals
Marco Saah – Drums, Percussion

Ananth Batni – Cello on “Beside the Point”, “The Last Tree in the South”, and “Two Businessmen”.

Ashe Durban – Bass on “Spaniard”, Guitar Solo on “Bo Diddley”, and Acoustic Guitar on “Two Businessmen”.

Jonas Farah-Bumstead – Violin on “Beside the Point” and “Bolshevik Bank Robber”.

Samantha Chayatte – Vocals on “The Great War”, “Hombre Destrozado”, and “Bo Diddley”

Ravyn Malatesta – Vocals on “The Great War”, “Hombre Destrozado”, and “Bo Diddley”

Jack Russ – Vocals on “The Great War”, “Hombre Destrozado”, and “Bo Diddley”

Patrick Fox – Harmonica on “Bo Diddley”

Special thanks to Dio Cramer for indispensable artistic aid.

Additional thanks to Jim, Roseann, Dani, Craig, Lamont, Amy, Damon, and Elissa.